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Did you know bamboo is a grass?????It only takes 3-4 years to harvest compared to trees which take up to 30-50 years to mature. Bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant on Earth and most renewable resource alternatives to plastic and wood.

Infinite Baembu is dedicated to providing eco-friendly sustainable products which contribute to our clean air, clean ocean and plastic free future.

From the superior durability, to the polished smoothness, this is the bamboo cutlery that replaces the need for plastic and wooden disposable silverware…forever.

  • Reusable
  • Tree free
  • Plastic free
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradeable
  • No tongue depressor aftertaste like wooden silverware

Just 1 box of our bamboo cutlery replaces 1000 plastic utensils and keeps 20 pounds of plastic out of the environment! ????

While the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year end up in our oceans, requiring 1000 years to decompose, Bamboo does MORE GOOD than any other plant or tree on the planet.

  • Naturally organic
  • Requires very little water to grow
  • Truly self-regenerating; renewable and sustainable
  • Harvestable in 3 to 4 years versus trees 30 to 80 years
  • Grows 1000 times faster than oak and most hardwoods
  • Fastest growing plant in the world; grows up to 3FT in 24 hours
  • Releases 30% MORE oxygen and removes 400% MORE carbon from the environment than trees

 ❤️???? Love our Mother Earth?  Join forces with us! Your purchase is 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed. No-Risk! Give it a try! We guarantee you’ll love these bamboo utensils as much as you love Mother Nature or your money back. No gimmicks, hassles or questions asked.



  • ???? BAMBOO VS. WOOD: If you're looking for eco-friendly bamboo cutlery, make sure it's not wood! Genuine bamboo cutlery is truly sustainable because it is a grass which can be harvested in 3 years. Wooden cutlery is unsustainable, takes up to 30 years to harvest, and contributes to global deforestation. Plus our authentic bamboo cutlery is tasteless and has NO WOOD TASTE!
  • ????SUSTAINABLE, RENEWABLE, ORGANIC: Our eco-friendly bamboo disposable utensils are the best alternative to plastic & wooden cutlery. Bamboo is the fastest growing and most renewable sustainable plant in the world.
  • ???? STRONG STURDY PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: Bamboo’s incredible high tensile fiber makes it a superior material for polished tableware. Strong, smooth, reusable & recyclable 6.75" eco cutlery.
  • ???? MODERN, STYLISH FOR ANY OCCASION: Your guests will love this bamboo cutlery set. Perfect for parties, picnics, BBQ, camping, rustic weddings, travel or daily use. Great conversation subject.
  • ???? LIFETIME WARRANTY & WE DONATE TO CLEAN UP PLASTICS: Love our Mother Earth? Join forces with us! Your purchase is 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed. NO RISK! Try it! You will love them.
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    • Brand Name: Infinite Baembu