DJG F2 ABS Electric Powered Skateboard

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Brand: DJG


  • ◆ Comfort: the whole machine is based on ergonomic design, Made of high quality silicone
  • ◆ Entertaining: Underwater submarine hatch structure self-locking mode, three-leaf full-penetration diameter 18.5CM
  • ◆ Practicality: Direct car trunk, ull battery Life time is up to an hour, enough for you to play Hi
  • ◆ Note: Adults and children are available, minors need to be accompanied by guardians, wear life-saving or swimming safety equipment
  • ◆ Powerful, powerful dual engine, with optimal battery algorithm, powerful output, unparalleled underwater experience

Publisher: DJG

Details: Product model: F2
Surfboard material: ABS
Product color : white
Surfboard weight: 8KG
Carrying weight: <100KG Surfboard size: 90*48*27CM
Water surface speed: hydrostatic surface 2.5 meters per second
Blade size: three-leaf full-infiltration diameter 18.5CM
Number of thrusters: 1
Thruster voltage: DC36
Propeller speed: 6500 rpm
Propeller power: 3200W
Propeller material: aluminum alloy die casting
Propeller weight: 1.5
Thruster size: 20*20*22CM
Propeller installation: independent suspension
Battery installation method: quick plug-in and self-locking structure