FORGICA Professional Apron

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What It Is:
Forgica Classy high-quality apron exclusive designed for bartenders, baristas, and barbers (FG-AH-607).

What It Does:
Our one-of-a-kind apron makes doing mundane chores look cool. Cleverly designed using high-quality denim, it both provides an edgy fashion statement and adequate protection for your clothes.

Keep your tools close to you in 2 slip canvas pockets. Smaller items such as pencils and cell phones fit into an upper row of pockets. Adjustable belts allow a close and comfortable fit for the wearer.

What Else You Have To Know:
Colour: Orange with Dark Brown Pockets
Pockets: one chest, one 4 slot tool pockets and one two slot bottom pockets, one giant tools pocket.
Apron Length 30″ Inch Width 22″ Inch
Straps: Artificial Leather Strap Removable cross harness design same color as pockets
Hardware: Rings, grommets, and clips
Material: Extra durable denim, artificial leather, exceptional lining for added protection and style
Washing instructions: Hand wash & Hang dry
Forgica unique apron makes doing ordinary tasks look cool, and satisfactory insurance for your garments.