Hangkai Outboard Motor,6HP 2 Stroke 4.4KW Outboard Motor

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Product Specifications


  • Brand Name:Kaning



  • ★USING 6HP 2 STROK POWER:Water Cooling Technology To Improve The Reliability Of The Whole Machine.Easy To Wear Parts Are Standard Parts Of Gasoline Engines,All Over The Sale,But Very Cheap,The Company Is Also Very Spare Parts.
  • ★PREFECT DESIGH:Light Weight,Easy To Carry,Unique Appearance,Large Tank Capacity.Environmental Protection:Clean and Pure Gasoline Fuel Makes Emissions Targets The Outboard Engine Has Been Able To Meet The CE Certification,Which Contributed To The Promotion Of Green Sports.In Addition,It Will Mot Be Like Two Stroke Machine Is The Same Keep Without Burning Oil Into The Water.
  • ★MORE SAFETY AND 2 YEAR WARRENTY :More Reliable,More Corrosion Resistant,More Beautiful,More Durable,More Energy Efficient,More Environmentally Friendly Modeling Luxury And Performance More Superior,Cheap,Curable,Easy Maintenance,Air Cooling Eliminates The Pump Section,Mo Longer Due To Water Quality Problems,Which Is Very Useful For Daily Use.
  • ★NOISE SMALLER:The Machine Can Run In The Maximum Throttle Continuous Operation,Power Attenuation,With Circulating Oil Lubrication System and Direct Bearing Supporting Precision,Smooth Operation and Quiet,Sound Design,Excellent Noise Smaller,More Comfortable To Use.
  • ★CONVINENT USE:The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of Convenient Use,Easy Operation And Convenient Maintenance.Durable:Comparable Lubricating System For Four Stroke Outboard Engine and Vehicle Lubricating System,Using Pressurized Circulating Oil,Make The Bearings and Components Need Lubrication Direct Lubrication,The Maximum Throttle Continuous Operation Gor More Than 20 Hours,Power Attenuation,and Fuel Consumption Does Not Increase,No Abnormal Machine.
  • Product Description :

    Notice: Please add gear oil to the gears before use the motor and replace gear oil after the run-in period(10hours). (if you do not know how to handle this, please contact with us )
    Overall length 1040mm(40.9 in)
    Overall width 872mm(34.3 in)
    Overall height 332mm(13.1 in)
    Transom height 44CM(17.3 in)

    Full throttle operating range 5000-6000r/min
    Maximum output 4.4KW/6HP
    Idling speed ( in neutral) 1000±100 r/min

    Gear positions Forward-neutral-reverse
    Gear ratio 2.15(28/13)
    Trim and tilt system: Manual tilt

    Drive unit
    Recommended fuel Regular unleaded gasoline
    Integral fuel tank capacity 2.5L
    Recommended engine oil 2-stroke outboard motor oil
    Engine oil type Genuine or recommended 2str engine oil
    Lubrication System Engine oil mixed gasoline
    Engine oil mixing ratio Fuel 50: Engine oil 1
    Gear oil quantity 195ml(6.6 fl.oz.)
    Tightening torque for engine
    Spark plug 25.0Nm(18.4 ft-lb) (2.55 kgf-m)
    Engine oil drain bolt 18.0Nm(13.3 ft-lb) (1.84 kgf-m)
    Short shaft :40cm