Men's Belt,Bulliant Slide Ratchet

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Product Description :

Timeless Design:Collections to match different dresses for any occasion, the pure material and definite process makes any item reliable, comfortable and durable.
--Material: Genuine Leather; soft and durable;
--Buckle: Zinc with strong and green coating , scratch resistance;
--Force: 60lbs locking force resistance;
--Packing: Elegant gift-boxed;
--Size: Adjustable by cutting the strap for fit;
--Attention: Resuming 1day every week to make it refresh;
--Maintenance: Dry at room condition, away from heating or sunshine directly;

ØCut to fit: New design for exact fit, so easy to take the strap down to cut for desired size, no headache of buying a too short size, specially while taking as a gift but no precise waist of the objective, just buying bigger and cut later on;
>Micro-adjustment: 32 ratchet positions enable a very smooth micro adjustment to adapt the waist variation。
> How to cut: as following, also an instruction is available in packing box for details:
1: Finding a thin screw-driver or nipper, opening the groove-door at the back of buckle,
2: Taking the strap out from the buckle;
3: Cutting the strap for your desired size, waist size mark on back of strap as reference;
4: Putting back the sized strap into the buckle and close the groove.

Stylish collection, elegant gift box, no doubt to present it as a gift for family or friends.

The premium quality in details, the inside corner and back of buckle also important for us as a brand

Making client satisfied is our first priority, we provide extra service and help without time limitation, any issue, a fast response is available.



  • Genuine Leather, New Design for Exact Fit, Width 1 3/8";
  • Exact-Fit--Easy to customize the belt size, just need to remove the belt buckle, and cut the strap at needed size. To avoid useless of too short, just buying a bigger size;
  • Gift Idea--Expansive Designs, Fashion style, packed in an elegant gift box, it is so nice to give to your family or friend as a gift, and you can buy a little bigger, the user can easily make it short;
  • Easy To Use--No trouble of size in-between of holes! in the back of belt, there are 32 ratchet notches, it provides a micro size-adjustment of 1.25" , which can follow the variation of your waist precisely;
  • Durability--Strap-Genuine Leather, flexible and firm; Buckle-Zinc alloyed with high quality coating for scratch resistance;
  • GUARANTEE--100% Guarantee available. Any product issue makes you dissatisfy with this belt within the GUARANTEE PERIOD, let us know and we will make it right, Full Refund or a Free Replacement, whichever you prefer.

Product Specifications


  • Brand Name: BULLIANT
  • Color: 034-dark Brown 1261