Silver Pro Shave HQ8 Replacement Heads

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Product Description :

HQ8 Replacement Heads for Philips Norelco Compatible Shavers

HQ8 Replacement Heads for Philips Norelco Compatible Shavers

Making a Difference

Returning your electric shaver to its original smooth shave shouldn't have to be expensive. Silver Dragon Shave has worked with engineers and manufacturers to produce a spectacular HQ8 replacement head that provides superior compatibility, economy and a fiercely smooth shave!

The smooth, cool surface of the head is laser-etched with precision to provide a closer, smoother shave without the bothersome vinyl or plastic stickers that tend to bind or fall off other replacement blades.

We are Committed to Excellence!

* Important; While most electric shavers come with their original blades lubricated, new replacement blades are shipped dry to avoid mess and contamination. Failure to lubricate the replacement heads can lead to excessive noise, vibration, heat and skin irritation. For the best care of your shaver, use a soft brush to clean the device. After installation, place a tiny drop of baby oil (or similar light oil) on each screen and allow razor to run for 10 seconds. These steps will help to ensure a properly-running razor. Seriously. It really helps!

* Please be sure of compatibility before ordering replacement blades.

* These fine blades are of 3rd party manufacture and are not manufactured by or affiliated with Philips Norelco.

Compatibility Chart:

AT750, AT751, AT799, AT886, AT887, AT890, AT891, AT892, AT899 PT710, PT715, PT720, PT725, PT730, PT735, PT860, PT870 (not PT920 - use Speed XL series) HQ7100, HQ7120, HQ7140, HQ7141, HQ7142, HQ7143, HQ7160, HQ7165, HQ7180, HQ7200, HQ7240, HQ7260, HQ7280, HQ7290, HQ7300, HQ7310, HQ7320, HQ7330, HQ7340, HQ7350, HQ7360, HQ7363, HQ7380, HQ7390, HQ7890, HQ8445, HQ8825, HQ8830, HQ8845, HQ8850, HQ8865, HQ8870, HQ8875, HQ8880, HQ8882, HQ8885, HQ8890, HQ8893, HQ889