Ways to talk to strangers how to do?

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Sometimes it happens that talking to strangers makes us feel much more free than when we do it with our family or old friends. The reason could be that a stranger sees us for what we are, free from idealizations or self-deceptions, which gives a lot of freedom at the moment to relate and express ourselves.

Canadian researcher John Helliwell says that no situation generates more gratification than talking to strangers, as it increases happiness levels. Conversing with strangers makes us feel better about ourselves , because we consider this action to be a demonstration of humility and goodness.

Since our childhood they have repeated the phrase "do not talk to strangers", and it also makes sense until a certain age. This advice is given primarily for the purpose of preventing certain dangers. However, according to a study published in the Journal of the Mental Environment, engaging in conversations with a stranger produces a feeling of well-being
Another study published in the Psichological Science indicates that children, starting from the age of three, would be able to distinguish themselves if the people they approach are reliable or if they have to leave, while at seven they could do it with the same precision as a adult.

As we see, interacting with strangers has positive psychological effects, different from those we get from talking to people who belong to our social circle.