WLiu Sea Doo Sea Scoote Sea

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Brand: WLiu


  • 2m/s speed 3 speeds: DC brushless synchronous motor superior to similar products in the market, not only can maintain constant speed and thrust, in the process of use, the speed max can also rival the men's 200m freestyle world top1. 3 files Fast Speed ​​switching to adapt to different submersible loads, viewing positions, and water environment
  • 75min strong battery life: the use of high energy density battery, and optimize the paddle, machine design to improve output efficiency, the use of up to 75 minutes, so that the underwater experience and exploration is not due to lack of time to go, Missed
  • 40 meters waterproof: deep sea mysterious, want to find out? use independent electronic sealed cabin, battery compartment positive and negative contact double ring seal structure design, waterproof sealing effect is good, from deep can not "dive" to tentacles
  • Double warning of low battery: double warning of low battery "flashing + vibration", keep abreast of the battery status of the machine under water, use ultra-quiet motor, the noise of the whole machine is controlled within 60dB, actually reduce the interference To marine life.
  • 10 safety protection: or it is circuit, battery, software function, accessories, safety design and mechanism up to 10 items, after a lot of reliability tests, safety protection will give you a sneak trip

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